Online CEU Guidance

How To Enroll In and Complete An Online CEU from the Pesticide Information Office (PIO)—as a First Time IFAS Catalog User.

  1. Select or search for a course by topic or license category

2. Select the blue ENROLL button to get started.

3. As a first time user, you are prompted to create an account or sign in to an existing one. Enter your name and email, agree to the terms of service, and then click Proceed to Payment. There is no need to enter a promotion code unless you have received one directly from a representative of the PIO.

4. The SmartPay system opens. Complete the form and follow on screen instructions to complete checkout and pay for the course.

5. As a first time user, you’ll see a message asking you to check your email to complete the registration process.

6. You will receive the following email message:

** Follow the instructions to complete registration then access your course. Note: remember the password you create to make logging in easier the next time you want to return to or enroll in a course.

7. Once your registration is complete, you will be returned to your IFAS catalog student dashboard. Click Begin Course.

8. On the class home page, under the Course Summary, click the course presentation link. Note: depending on your browser, you may see a pop-up notice about the canvas website. This notice might cover the presentation link. Simply dismiss the pop-up to continue.

9. The presentation assignment page opens and the presentation is automatically launched in another window or tab. The course includes narrated slides and interactive quizzes.

10. After passing the post-quiz, click Finish. This ensures your score is recorded. You can take a picture r screenshot of the quiz results for your records.

11. On the final page of the presentation, click Exit. You’ll be returned to the presentation assignment page.

12. Click Next to display your attendance certificate. Note: the NEXT button is not available until you’ve successfully completed the presentation post-quiz. You might have to scroll down to see the NEXT button