Q Where can I get help if someone has been exposed to a pesticide?

A You can find information about pesticide-related poisoning on the Florida Poison Information Center website: floridapoisoncontrol.org or call for emergency help.

For poisoning questions or emergencies, call 1-800-222-1222

Q How can I report pesticide misuse?

A See How to Report Pesticide Misuse in Florida.

Q How should I dispose of unused pesticides?

A See Operation Cleansweep for Pesticides.

Q Do I need a license to apply fertilizer impregnated with herbicides to a customer’s lawn?

A Yes, herbicides are classified as pesticides.

Q What is a restricted use pesticide or RUP?

A A pesticide, or some of its uses, is classified as restricted if it could cause harm to humans (pesticide handlers or other persons) or to the environment unless it is applied by certified applicators who have the knowledge to use these pesticides safely. Restricted use pesticides are available for purchase and use only by certified pesticide applicators or persons under their direct supervision.

Q What do I need to do to get a license to apply restricted use pesticides? What type of license do I need?

A See the Getting Started for Pesticide Applicators page.

Q How many CEUs do I need to renew my applicator’s certificate/license?

A See CEU requirements for this and other CEU related answers.

Q Where can I find the FDACS inspection form?

A Use this handy link: FDACS Inspection Forms

Q How long do I have to keep RUP records?

A Certified private pesticide applicators must keep records of their use of federal RUPs for a period of two years. You can find resources and more information on the USDA website.