Getting Started for Pesticide Applicators

Looking to get a pesticide applicator license? Here are a few resources that can help:


If you will be applying pesticides for agricultural related purposes or for parks, athletic fields, or golf courses, see Agricultural License Categories.


If you will be applying pesticides for non-agricultural purposes, see Licensing of Structural Pesticide Applicators in Florida.

Public Health

If you will be applying pesticides for public health purposes, see Licensing of Public Health Pest Control Applicators in Florida.

More Information

For comprehensive information on licensing and regulations, see:

If you still have questions about licensing and certification after checking these resources, you can contact FDACS at (850) 617-7850.

The Law

State and federal laws require anyone using Restricted Use Pesticides to be certified or work under the direct supervision of a certified applicator. Pesticide applicator licenses and certifications are issued by the Bureau of Licensing and Enforcement of the Agricultural Environmental Services, under the following Florida Statutes and Codes:

Other Pesticide Related Laws and Regulations: