Before Taking a Class

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Please read this entire page to make sure you can complete and receive credit for your CEUs.

Receiving Credits

We have transitioned our courses to the UF|IFAS Canvas Catalog. Our new classes allow you to pay online and download your attendance certificate from within the course. They do require that you create a UF|IFAS Canvas Catalog account, but once the account has been created you can use it for all your UF|IFAS Canvas Catalog CEUs. If you are having trouble registering for a class on the Canvas site please see use this Guide

The information below applies to existing courses:

After completing the training you must download your certificate directly from the Canvas website. Certificates will no longer be emailed. To receive credit for the module, you must complete the personal information section and sign the CEU certificate and submit your attendance forms to FDACS using the address provided on your renewal notification or on the attendance form.

Computer Requirements

Our modules incorporate audio and video, so we suggest using a broadband internet connection (such as cable or DSL) to view them.

Courses run within your internet browser (we recommend Microsoft Edge).

Important! Do NOT use AOL to view the course.

Before starting any module, turn off any pop-up blocker used in your browser.


If you have any questions about CEUs, please check our FAQ page. If you still need assistance, see our Contact page for our contact information.