How soon will I receive my CEU Attendance Forms?

You can download your certificate as soon as the final slide has finished playing and you click the next button.

What are my CEU requirements?

You can find information regarding CEU requirements in charts provided in the Pesticide Applicator Handbook.

How long are the CEU Modules?

Each 1 credit CEU module should take an average of 50 minutes to complete. We have included sets of questions throughout each module. The time it would take to complete these questions has been factored into the estimated 50 minutes. Keep in mind, some modules may be shorter than 50 minutes while others may be longer.

How do I pay for CEU modules?

You must pay for your module via credit card prior to starting your class.

Do I have to complete a module in one session?

If you need to exit a module before completion, it will ask you if you would like to resume where you left off providing you are using the same computer when you start again. This feature occasionally does not work depending o the settings of your computer. We recommend completing your training in a single sitting whenever possible.

There are no CEU modules available in a category I need, what can I do?

You can search the CEU database located on the FDACS website.

How do I take a CEU module?

Classes are accessed via the Canvas website. For a walk through on how to get started please click here.

If you have already created a Canvas account and need to add more classes you can go directly to our Course Catalog.

To search for a course by type of credit needed you can access our course list here.