EPA COVID-19 Related Update

COVID-19 EPA Updates

Temporary Enforcement and Compliance Resources

Given the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 outbreak the EPA has created numerous policies and guidelines. These policies and guidelines will be updated as needed and termination of these policies will be announced on their main Resource Page.


Of particular interest to many pesticide applicators will be their guidance on Respirator Compliance.

This document addresses:

  1. Respirator requirements when normal supplies aren’t available
  2. Guidance on fit testing (and potential extension of previous fit test)
  3. Possible alternatives if all supply sources are unavailable


Enforcement and Compliance

Of particular interest to pesticide applicators would be the discussion on training and certification found in the Memorandum discussing enforcement.

This document addresses:

  1. EPA compliance and violations
  2. Monitoring programs including training
  3. Facility operations
  4. Safe Drinking Water Act
  5. State Oversight
  6. EPA activities during COVID-19



Guidance from EPA concerning products making claims specific to COVID-19 are discussed in a Compliance Advisory document.

This document addresses:

  1. What is required for a product to claim COVID-19 control
  2. What is required for a device to claim COVID-19 control
  3. Health concerns
  4. Enforcement