Restricted Use Pesticides (RUP)

A pesticide, or some of its uses, is classified as restricted if it could cause harm to humans (pesticide handlers or other persons) or to the environment unless it is applied by certified applicators who have the knowledge to use these pesticides safely. Restricted Use Pesticides are available for purchase and use only by certified pesticide applicators or persons under their direct supervision.

Lists of Restricted Use Pesticides

1. List of Federally Registered Restricted Use Pesticides
- This list, compiled by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Pesticide Education Resources is based on the Restricted Use Products (RUP) Report database, maintained by the Office of Pesticide Programs, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (OPP-EPA).

2. Restricted Use Pesticides - University of Florida - IFAS Extension

3. Federal Pesticide Record keeping Program - All certified private pesticide applicators to keep records of their use of federally restricted use pesticides (RUPs) for a period of 2 years under the federal Food, Agriculture, Conservation and Trade Act (FACT). Site has all details.

4. Pesticide Record keeping - A fact sheet providing details of restricted use pesticide record keeping requirements for certified pesticide applicators in Florida.