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How much do CEU modules cost?

Alll of our CEU modules provide 1 CEU credit at a cost of $20.00 each but there are 7 CEU modules that are exceptions.

These exceptions are listed below:

  • 2 CEU credits for $30 (PICE 65, PICE 67, and PICE 200)

  • 3 CEU credits for $40 (PICE 30)

  • 4 CEU credits for $50 (PICE 100 and PICE 300)

  • 6 CEU credits for $75 (PICE 400).

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You will now be getting your CEU certificates faster than before. Starting now, we will be emailing your recertification certificates to the email address you provide us. You can easily print your own certificate from your computer and save a digital copy for your records.

Our goal is to provide pesticide applicators and handlers a quality option for obtaining CEU credits. Our modules are all hosted online through the University of Florida.  It's not always feasible to attend live CEU courses. While these are an invaluable resource, we are out to provide a quality alternative for applicators that are in need of some final CEU credits.



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computerCEU Modules

Please feel free to browse our available CEU modules. Our modules have been sorted by approved category for convenient browsing. If you have any questions please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions, or Contact Us for assistance.

Remember, before starting any CEU course, be sure to "turn off pop-up blocker" in your browser such as Internet Explorer or FireFox. Please avoid using AOL because it is not compatible with our CEU modules.


computer Quality Training

Onlinepesticideceus website's mission is to provide quality CEU training to applicators and handlers. We are a higher education entity that focuses on quality over quantity. We realize it's often inconvenient to coordinate with live CEU meetings. Hopefully this will be an option for applicators to receive a quality education in the convenience of their own home.

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