Pesticide Labels and MSDSs

All pesticide labels accessed or posted on this web page are for reference purposes only. These labels may not be copied or otherwise used for any legal distribution or use of a pesticide. Pesticide dealers, distributors, consultants and users are legally bound to adhere to pesticide labels that are attached or affixed to pesticide containers by the pesticide producer. Any re-labeling of pesticide containers must be performed by the pesticide producer or registrant, or by their designated representatives. Use of trade names in this publication/document is solely for identification. No endorsement of the products named is implied by the University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service nor is any discrimination intended to the exclusion of similar products not named.

Pesticide Labeling


Multiple Company / Multiple Product Websites

1. Crop Data Management Systems, Inc. - Pesticide product labels and MSDSs for over 70 companies.

2. Pesticide Product Label System (PPLS) The Pesticide Product Label System is a collection of images, in multi-page TIFF format, of pesticide labels which have been approved by the Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP). The collection contains the initially approved label for pesticide products registered under FIFRA Section 3 as well as subsequent versions of labels which have changed via amendment or notification.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Links Only

Where to Find Material Safety Data Sheets on the Internet - A comprehensive site with links to over 60 internet resources for MSDSs. Links are for all chemicals (industrial, medical, ag, etc.)